How To Access Website Builder?

Please follow this link

On your top right you will see "Guest" Click on under it join / sign in

What if I want to change hosting providers or take my website that I build to a other company?

Unfortunately you can only cancel your account with us and we will help you transfer your domain to the new company.

But you cannot import or export websites on our platform because our coding is different.

So you will lose your websites and marketing  what you have build on our platform.

We are just like any other SaaS software that you can only close your account and not transfer any other content. 

Open a ticket if you want to  cancel your account with us or email to

Do I also need to pay hosting costs?  
No, the hosting costs are already included on your monthly fee to use our platform.

Where is my websites been hosted?  
Your website and content are hosted on cloud hosting that we rent on a monthly basis.

What is my limit of access, visits or bandwidth?  
With our platform you have no access limit and no bandwidth limit.
As long as we do not detect abuses or spam content that can harm our cloud base platform.

Do I have as client FTP or Cpanel Access?  
No, we do not give any access of FTP or Cpanel on our platform.
Everything you need to build or edit your website is inside the platform.
Our codes are closed for any kind of change.

Do you help the user to build the website or digital marketing platform?  

Our system is designed for you to make and manage your entire digital marketing yourself.

You can request a quote if you want us to build your digital marketing for your business by opening a ticket or email to

Can I integrate my mailing list?  

Yes we support the following API

  • Mailchimp
  • Imos
  • Get Response
  • Aweber

What about domain registration?  

Domains are exclusive from the packages and you can connect it to your package.

Our Domain Prices - R160 per year

.com - R260 per year

(Any other domain extension)

When you register your domain with us. You are the owner of the domain and you rent it from us. That is why you need to renew your domain before it expires. 

We register and setup all domains manually to make sure it works right for the client.

Contact support by opening a ticket or email to if you need any domains to be register for you.

How do I access my emails?

You can access it directly in the browser by visiting the following link.

Fill in the email address and the password that is provided to you.

If you forgot your password email us or open a support ticket.

If you want to access your emails on your mobile we can help with this, just submit a ticket and we will send you the instructions.